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Home Visit Vet London

Home Visit Vet London

We are Invite a Vet Ltd. A London based veterinary medical services team.

Invite a vet Ltd. provide premier veterinary medical services in the most convenient and stress-free way possible. We come to you, at home visit vet London visiting your home or office or wherever else you and your pet happen to be.

In general, if you are relocating to another country that is outside of the EU, you will most likely be required to obtain export health certificate for your pet.

Because London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, we see many expats with pets.
At Home Visit Vet London we help many expat pet owners to settle in London and also help them to prepare to move out of the United Kingdom with their pets.

Invite A Vet Ltd

We promote science and technology. Also we respect Mother Nature and have always believed in transparency and owner knowledge in veterinary medicine. We pursue balance in between them.

Home visit vets London are ideal for cats, rabbits, and other smaller pets, as well as for sensitive dogs.

Think about the experience from the point of view of your pet -for a typical visit to a veterinary clinic. Being in an unusual place, strange smells and sounds of other animals in the waiting room.

It all adds up quickly and so it should come as no surprise that your otherwise sweet pet may start to act out due to stress.

Home visit vets London offer another option-invite us to your home so that the consult can occur in a comfortable, familiar place with minimum stress for your pet.

Home Visit Vet London

Home Visit Vet London

Home Visit Vets in London
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